Mildura Harness Race Track Review

Mildura is a town in Victoria, Australia that has a harness racing track of the same name. The track is relatively short, being only 810 meters long with a straight of 70 meters. Covered in granitic sand, the track plays host to a number of races each year and serves as a training facility during the rest of the time.

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A Glance at Casino Online Philippines for Gamblers

With onshore providers and casino sites only legally accessible by players from outside the region’s borders, online casino fans from around the globe are drawn to the Philippines online gaming world. Why you ask? Well, the Philippines have an advanced Internet infrastructure which impacts on the online gaming industry positively.

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Know More about Cave King Online Slot

Cave King is a distinctive online slot game designed by High 5 Games. It has a prehistoric theme, with symbols portraying bright green friendly looking dinosaurs, large woolly mammoths and fierce sabre toothed tigers are all present, together with burning lava streams. Cave King has five reels, and thirty pay lines. The background seems to be a hilly landscape with palm trees and a couple of erupting volcanoes in sight. Cave King can be played on any modern mobile device as well, whether an Android or iOS device.

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Cleopatra 2 Online Slot Reviewed for Casino Gamers

The successful and celebrated slot game Cleopatra 2 is obviously the sequel to the first Cleopatra game, which is one of the few games popular enough to warrant a sequel being made. This was first a land based casino game, but the developers, International Gaming Technology, or IGT, have made a superb job of transforming Cleopatra 2 to the online version, and nothing has been changed or lost.

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Having a Look at Video Poker’s History

Any player in New Zealand who has ever visited a casino, whether it be online or a brick and mortar establishment, will know about the vast popularity of video poker. Similar to Pokies, video poker has enjoyed significant attention since the rise of online casinos, but most players probably don’t know just how these machines … Read moreHaving a Look at Video Poker’s History

Platinum Pyramid Online Casino Slot Guide

Slot developers have created countless games based around ancient civilisations. One of their favourite civilisations is Ancient Egypt. There are thousands of Egyptian themed slots to be found both online and in brick and mortar casinos. Platinum Pyramid is another of these, but this slot looks like a love child between Egypt and Las Vegas. … Read morePlatinum Pyramid Online Casino Slot Guide

Mentioning about Live Casinos Online in NZ

Live casinos are a relatively recent addition to the online casino world in New Zealand. But what exactly are live casinos, and what is the big fuss about them? Live casinos use lightening fast modern Internet technology to stream a live feed of a casino dealer around the world. This means that online players can … Read moreMentioning about Live Casinos Online in NZ

Review of Sultan’s Fortune Online Slot

Sultan’s Fortune is considered a classic 3-reel slot with a single pay line and a large possible jackpot payout. The 3-reel slots are considered to be classics, as they were the original slot machine structural layout, and this form generated the millions of followers this gambling format has today. Sultan’s Fortune is a Playtech software … Read moreReview of Sultan’s Fortune Online Slot

Details about Andre The Giant Slot Online

In the world of online casinos and the slots games that come with them, it is not uncommon to find games dedicated to legendary characters or figures from popular culture. Slots game Andre the Giant is just that. The game was created as an ode to who was believed to have been the biggest wrestler … Read moreDetails about Andre The Giant Slot Online