Introducing You about Turning Totems Online Slot

The Turning Totems slots game has been designed and developed by Thunderkick, a gaming developer with a predominant focus on iGaming and mobile game development.

The Turning Totems slots game takes players to the North American desert, where they are greeted by large rock formations and smaller settlements, finally settling on an image of five large totem poles and a young native American boy. This first bit forms the animation sequences that introduces the Turning Totems slots game, while the final image is the background of the actual reels.

The totem poles themselves are decorated with a monkey-like characters sitting at the top, while birds fly around in the background. Spins themselves cause the actual poles to rotate, revealing new symbols, an animation that is aided by the sound of the howling wind, causing the poles to whirl around, and the country crickets chirping in the back.

Turning Totems Slot Winning Combinations

The Turning Totems slot game offers a unique playing experience in that it does not offer players traditional win lines. Instead, symbols can appear randomly across the totem poles and players can land numerous symbols at the same time. In order to land a winning combination in the Turning Totems slot, players will need to land at least six of the same symbol anywhere on the poles. Wins, then, operate much like traditional scatters. Landing six matching symbols will reward players with the minimum payout amount, but landing any number more than six will increase this payout. Players can land up to fifteen matching symbols. Each time a winning combination is hit, sound effects will celebrate that win.

Top Symbols

The top symbol in the Turning Totems slot game is the pink symbol, which pays out one thousand two hundred and four times the original bet if fifteen of these are landed. The orange symbol rewards players with two hundred and fifty-four times the original bet when landing fifteen symbols, while the birds symbols will pay out seventy-two times the original bet when landing fifteen of these. Other winning symbols include the green symbol and the blue symbol. The Turning Totems slot game also features four no-win symbols. These are all identified by a brown pattern, and will not result in any wins or payouts.


Every time players land five matching symbols anywhere across the poles, these will become sticky and only the other symbols will be replaced. If more of the matching symbols are landed, these, again, will become sticky, while players will be rewarded with another free re-spin. This allows players to continuously build up winning combinations. The free re-spins will continue until no new matching winning symbols are landed.

Turning Totems Slot Snake Bonus

If players land six snake symbols, this will trigger the Turning Totems slot bonus feature. During this bonus feature, players will be rewarded with twelve free spins, with a chance of gaining an additional two free spins each time the bonus symbol appears again. There is a maximum of thirty free spins on offer. Every re-spin during this bonus feature will increase the multiplier by one, starting with a one-time multiplier and concluding with a five-time multiplier. The round will end with a winfinity spin, ensuring that players do not leave the bonus round without at least one win.